Our Why

What Makes Us Different

My Story

I started Comfort Bras after my own frustrating experience trying to find comfortable, bras that fit well. I couldn’t believe the lack of choices available to women with breasts larger than a D cup even a DD cup. I was fed up of being offered bras that made me look even bigger and less sexy, not to mention very uncomfortable. The bras were like weapons, stabbing and sticking all day. It was traumatizing. As much as it was embarrassing to wear them it was even more embarrassing to take them off…in the bedroom, god forbid anyone should see them. I hated going to gym for fear that other women would see the contraption I was wearing. Don’t get me started on the jugglers during exercise class.

“Eighty per cent of women are wearing the wrong size and spend 100 percent of their day very uncomfortable. We simply educate them and they tell their friends and family. If you discovered a great cure, wouldn’t you share it?”



A Better Way

I am a certified Bra Fitter.  The Boutique was designed by a woman, for women as a unique and welcoming place to shop the perfect fitting bra. We understand that bra shopping can be overwhelming and intimidating, but at Comfort Bras by Pauline we listen to our clients and guide them to the styles and items that fit their bodies and their lives.

I have completed bra fitting certification programs and training in specialty areas such as nursing bras, fitting large cup sizes, sports bras, post-mastectomy bras and prostheses, strain relief bras, and more.

“ My brands must offer the highest quality fabric and comfortable, padded underwire. I personally own every bra I sell, and will never sell a bra that I cannot personally guarantee.”


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