If the Bra Fits-How to Tell if You are Wearing the Right Bra

Lose the quad boobs and display your delightful décolletage. 

Bras are everywhere and affect every aspect of our lives. Whether we are wearing them, taking them off, burning them to make a statement, or buying them, women and bras share an undeniable history. So, what makes it so difficult for us to figure out the right bra sizing or bra fit?  The best fitting bra is comfortable, sexy, and supportive. But, many of us have never had a professional bra fitting to help us determine our correct size. In this blog post, we will be covering why you need a professional bra fitting, what the telltale signs of the wrong fit are, and what the perks of finding the right fitting bra entail. If you wear a bra, need to wear a bra, or are looking forward to getting your first bra, then stick around to find out why you need an expert bra fitting session in your life.

Who needs a bra fitting and why?

The most straightforward answer to the question above is anyone who wears a bra. Knowing how to select the right sized bra for your breast shape and body dimensions is just the start of finding a properly fitting bra. Despite having worn bras for most of their adult lives, most women, approximately 80% according to research, are currently wearing the wrong sized bra.  Bra measurement, despite traditional methods, entails more than just the tape measure around the back or grabbing the first size that closes around your torso. Many women, especially the well endowed, believe that their backs must also be bigger because they have larger breasts. However, this is not necessarily true. 

When women come in for a fitting in our boutique, they fall into one of two categories, the first one being the traditional 32 inches and beyond back measurement, a standard from the 50s, which would add four inches or so of breathing room. Or,  secondly, they are bigger women who believe they should be wearing bigger size bras due to their plus size clothing.  The issue being, those standard “measurements” are based on old fashion science with a mix of guesswork and have very little to do with fit. A professional fitting session, which we will discuss later, has less to do with measuring and more to do with trying out the fit for your body proportions.

Ill fitting bra with cups too small

What Happens at a Professional Bra Fitting Appointment?

Our primary focus at Comfort Bras By Pauline is to ensure you find your most comfortable and supportive fit. We believe that a well-fitting bra promotes breast health, self-confidence, and overall well being. When you come into our boutique, your one-hour appointment is private and customized to allow you the chance to try as many bra sizes, styles, and categories as possible. Since we know that different bra types have different fits, we close the doors, pour a drink, get comfortable while you try on as many brassieres as your heart desires. We do not believe in the commercial approach of draping a tape measure across the chest and leaving the rest up to chance;In fact, we are vehemently against that approach. Your bra fitting experience should excite, educate and equip you with enough material to leave the store feeling renewed love for your breasts and body. And, before you wonder, bra fittings are private, and any necessary measurements are taken on top of current bras. And yes, all the bras our clients try on are new. We ask one thing: please remember to put your clothes back on before leaving the boutique, so we don’t have to chase you down, like so many of our customers.

All jokes aside, many people find themselves misled by the myths perpetuated by media and bra manufacturers; a bra fitting session is a chance to reeducate women on the right fit and what average sizes are, despite body type. Most women believe their breasts are enormous, causing them back issues when many of the ailments they face have little to do with bust size and more to do with bra size, underbust measurement, and over breast dimensions. 

Commercial retailers have left women feeling like a “D” cup is the biggest size and that women who need larger dimensions must either have mammoth-sized mammaries or be Pamela Anderson understudies. That is far from the truth of cup sizing. Below are two women of different body shapes wearing “D cups.” Cup sizes have more to do with band sizes and overbust measurement than most people know. If you were to measure the two models below, you would realize that both models are wearing the same cup size but have very different measurements. 

2 women wearing average sized bras

How often should I get fitted by a professional? 

This question often comes up as women wonder if they will have to see an expert bra fitter every time they buy a new bra. The truth is, if there are any changes in your body, then you need a new fit. Our bodies change shape, size, and composition over time, and various life experiences such as pregnancies, aging, weight loss, weight gain, illness, or improved wellness. Since our fittings are free with bra purchases, we suggest getting one with each new purchase, and each new bra type.  

Check out our blog post on why you need multiple bras here.

Woman wearing right size bra

 How can I tell if I am wearing the right size bra at home? 

Wearing the wrong size bra is uncomfortable and robs you of your body confidence. Whether you are being suspended by tight-fitting straps or left to hang loose by the under band, an incorrectly sized bra leaves clues. 

Here are six tell-tale signs your bras don’t fit correctly.

  • The Hangman– Have you ever had a bra that, no matter how much you tighten the straps, just didn’t fit? That’s because it’s the wrong size. Your bra straps should be snug but not biting into your shoulders and only have room to fit two fingers. 
  • Loosey-Goosey– This refers to the cups that don’t seem to sit on your bust, leaving room for the girls to slide all over. Your breasts should fill out the bra cups with little room for much else.
  • The Quad Boob-This sign is one of the most well known as it is one of the most visible. When bra cups are too small for the breasts they host, the side spillage forms a second set of breasts that are not the most pleasing sight. As stated above, breasts should fill the cups but not spill from the cups.
  • Side Wire Struggles– This one is more displeasing to the bra wearer than the observer. An ill-fitting under or side wire can dig into the breast tissue, causing damage and discomfort. Side wires should lay flat against the rib cage and remain in place with vigorous activity.
  • Underband Baggage– Bunched up or disappearing under bands can be disparaging. A well-fitting bra has an under band that lays flat and parallel to the floor, with only room for two fingers under the band.
  • Center fold-As glamorous as this name usually is, it is not what you want from a properly fitting bra. Instead, aim for a completely flat fit against your sternum with no fold or squeeze.  

The benefits of wearing the right size bra.

Now that you know what to look for in the wrong bra size let’s look at advantages of the perfect fitting bra.Once you get fitted by a professional, your bra will help improve your posture, confidence, breast health, and even your bra’s longevity. At Comfort Bras by Pauline, we carry luxurious, high-end styles for your comfort and pleasure, and we want you to enjoy a long and loving bond with your new, comfortable pieces.  

We also believe in providing the best bras to foster breast health and indirectly improve your health by allowing you to move more freely and devoid of shoulder and back pain. Additionally, when your bra fits well, it enhances your outfit and inspires loving kindness towards your breasts. Our motto is “Love Your breasts Again,” and we take it very seriously. 

In conclusion, the right bra should make you feel great and look even better. It should fit like a second skin and not be such a bother you race home so that you can be free of it. Every woman deserves excellent fitting bras to boost her bust and her confidence. And we provide the private, professional space for just that.

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