Things to Know

What You Should Know Before Your Visit

Below are things you should keep in mind when scheduling a private Bra Fitting

Give yourself at least 60 minutes for the bra fitting process.

  • Curiosity isn’t enough, the complete bra fitting experience is about finding the right bra and the right fit, not just the right bra size.
  • We recommend wearing a top that best represents your overall wardrobe, something easy to take on and off, in a colour you most commonly wear.
  • Think about the types of bras you might need, (everyday bra, t-shirt bra,  strapless bra). Every brand and every style fits differently and you’re likely to wear different sizes in different bras.
  • Be ready to change your mind about bra sizing
  • The fitting is free

Other Facts

Q. Is there an extra cost for bra fitting?

A. No.  The fitting is free when you purchase with us. The cost is $50.00 if you just want to know your  bra size. 

Q. What if I'm usually a DD or DDD bras- do you carry those bra sizes?

A. Yes…and no. DD is an E cup – we carry those. DDD is a F cup we carry those too.

Q. How long does a custom fit take?

A. A custom fitting is just that, custom. It takes a long as you like. We never rush our clients. It’s important that we get it right. It’s important that you get the best fitting bra. 

Q. Do you offer breast form fittings and bras for cancer survivors?

A. Yes. We close the doors and give you all the time and attention you deserve. No additional cost. You can also book an appointment on line. See the link above. 

Q. Do you sell on-line?

A. We don’t. It’s impossible to custom fit on-line. It’s worth the trip to our store located next to the beautiful Pickering harbour. Stay awhile and have coffee on us.