Breast Sizes and the Myths we Love to Believe

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Does Size matter? Busting common breast myths 

Introduction: The idea of the ideal breast size is similar for men and women studies show.

Are women happy with their breast size? Survey says no.

Ideal size and realities of the average set of boobs.

Breast myths we love to believe

Conclusion: One quick and easy way to get more body confidence is to learn to love your bosom. The first step to doing that is to have a professional bra fitting done, where you can become more satisfied with the way your breast look by wearing your appropriate bra size. 

Breasts are a symbol of femininity, and as such, the ideal breast size and the idea of symmetry seem to resonate with both men and women. At the same time, some people believe that bigger is better; cue the mainstream media plastic surgery reel. The reality is that reduction surgery for many women with macromastia, disproportionately large breasts, can improve their quality of life. 

So what is the ideal breast size, and what are some size myths we hold dear? Today’s blog post discusses the average breast size, breast size satisfaction, and busts some myths we hold dear to our hearts.

Are women happy with the size of their breasts?

A study called the Breast size satisfaction survey (BSSS) commissioned 18,541 women from 61 research sites across 40 nations to calculate ideal breast size and the discrepancies among women and their chests. The study took into consideration the location, personality, and socioeconomic status of the participants and their exposure to western media. And finally, the study incorporated satisfaction with breast weight, appearance, health awareness, and the participants’ psychological well-being. What was discovered was 

That 47.5 % of women wanted larger breasts, 23.2 % wanted smaller breasts, and 29.3 % were satisfied with their current breast size. Read more here.

This study that seemed to cover a decent cross-section of women showed that more than 70 % of women are unhappy with their breasts, and therefore not satisfied with their bodies. The study further established that women who were dissatisfied with their breast size were less likely to practice great breast awareness and health habits. This conclusion is problematic as it points to a lack of psychological well-being and, as a result, lowered physical health for dissatisfied women.

Ideal size and realities of the average set of boobs.

Half the population has breasts, and of that amount, more than 70 percent are unhappy with the size given to them genetically. So what do men and women believe to be the ideal breast size across Europe and North America? Another study conducted in 2017 showed that the majority of the respondents, both male and female believed a “C” cup to be ideal. This finding is impressive compared to the increase in North America’s average sizes in the last 20 years. According to a lingerie study, the new average breast size in North America is 34DD, up from a 34B. And though some of the growth is attributed to augmentation surgery, a good portion of the increase can be attributed to women getting professional bra fittings and therefore discovering their appropriate sizes. 

Breast size preference is very personal. It’s up to the carrier of said tissue to determine their ideal size; however, it is refreshing to know that by changing something as simple as your bra choice, you can either increase or decrease your sizing. 

Women seemed discontented with their breasts due to asymmetry, or one breast being lower than the other. Asymmetry occurs when one breast differs in volume, shape, size, or density and appears dissimilar to the other. 

One common myth around asymmetrical breasts is that they are cancerous. This is not usually the case. However, a sudden change in size or breast density should be checked by a doctor to ensure there are no carcinogenic cells present. 

Breast myths we love to believe

Breast shrink with age-in fact, the average breast size increases for 1 in 5 women who are post-menopausal due to weight gain and hormonal fluctuation. The most essential factor in the growth or reduction of breast tissue is weight increase.

Breastfeeding causes the breast to shrink- this common myth has some truth: breast size and shape do change after breastfeeding. The look of fullness of a pregnant or breastfeeding mother is due to the swollen milk glands while she is lactating is due to hormone increase. And while the breast is made of fatty tissue, the swollen glands and breastfeeding activity can cause fat and connective tissue to shift, skin to sag after being stretched, and cause breasts to look different. Some women report an increase in their overall size after lactation, while other women experience fat loss. An overlooked aspect of pregnancy is usually the weight gain that causes breasts to increase in size and therefore appear smaller post-pregnancy and nursing.

All big breasts are D cups-Bra fighting professionals, and big-busted people can tell you that breasts come in all sizes, all the way to size M! A D-cup is considered low on the larger side of the size scale. For a look at the average breast size by region, check out this cool chart done by worldpopulationreview.com.

All full-figured individuals have large breasts, and vice versa-this is untrue as women come in all shapes, sizes and so do their breasts. Some women are a small size 6-8 and naturally have sizes F-G, while some women are sized 20 and up and have size D breasts. Full figured does not automatically mean full busted.

Breast size and the perceived abnormalities of breast symmetry and proportion affects many women. Whether you are happy with your breasts or feel the need to increase or decrease the size is a personal choice. However, one quick and easy way to get a better feel for your bosom is to have a professional bra fitting done, as this will improve the fit and feel of your brassieres and even your body image. Breast awareness and the way we love or dislike our breasts take a toll on our health and psychology, so find ways to love your breasts, even if it begins with an appointment at a professional bra fitter near you.