Best Bra Ever! Bra sizes

The sound of a great fitting bra

That’s the sound of a very satisfied bra shopper and I’ve done my job. 

I love it when I hear customers shout in joy ‘oh my god!’ What they really want to say is ‘I can’t believe how good I look and how comfortable I feel!” Best Bra ever! Then something incredible happens, that once shy, reserved customer starts to parade around the store in their newly found freedom…and not much else. Do you need a robe? I would ask – only to be totally ignored or asked; ‘what else do you have?’ with a grin of sheer delight. It’s wonderful, what happens when a woman finally looks at her ‘girls’ and feel- ‘oh my god’ I have look great! 

This bra  (above) looks as good as it feels. It’s the Joanna and it fits every breast shape and bra sizes…and age…really! Its my best seller. I have never tried it on anyone who didn’t love it. This little number gives your girls a great lift, with full three panel structure, wide band, soft padding and lace exactly where you need it.